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tv   Headline News  RT  July 14, 2014 1:00pm-1:14pm EDT

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in that the sand crane we report on the shell shocked civilians trapped by the government's onslaught. of. gaza scenes of destruction and terrified palestinians following a week of bombing but israel's prime minister would probably back in bo's only to intensify the offensive. britain where your internet surfing and chat things about to be stored for up to a year as the government plots to rush through the resurrected snooping charts.
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oh very good even she if you just joined us this is r.t. international from moscow sorry for a small glitch so the top one of our sister charles was showing for a second or two our top story here the ukrainian army has reportedly carried out a fresh artillery attack on residential areas of lugansk in the east self defense activists say at least four civilians have been killed the army and anti government forces a lot of fierce battles to control the city their support of the approach the lugansk region including up to eighty tanks and government forces can be seen maneuvering their own hardware to respond for his part president poroshenko has ordered a change in the operation out an effort to reduce civilian casualties and try to secure the country's borders. while trapped in the middle of it all are over a million civilians shelling air raids and fighting
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a leg waste to the cities the villages the towns in the east where financial is in lugansk forest where she spent a day with an ambulance crew. they actually don't need to turn on the sirens ambulances are almost the only cars on the empty grounds of lugansk and drink some days have left a message and see workers be easier than ever before. cameras are now going to. our . private house for residential areas. fish to get drugs through a narrow street to enter with looks like a densely populated area locals say at least six shells landed here just minutes ago that worker cut back on this time it seems no one was killed after that but everyone has to work on their product that sounds good right that's. what they're going to look at but i was certain that the closest you would move is due
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to just go over to well you know tell us the bugs and with the school you code you could look at the little other than do the people who was there with the will to be moving really the only true religion is the removal of the three who can control the area with new people coming north. cravats house is still a. little weaker and local told us they still could be unexploded mines here smokeless the new u.n. is not so that you'll see. just the arsenal being more book i was also one of them but much of the bomb didn't call for more than what we thought was a man up are they are spoken with those women over his shoulder living somewhere children will look up what was in many of them would be able to do. this i see them as you must also see the multitude of warehouses still barren and no one man is
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whether anybody steer inside we find out that one man was taken by it and now the ambulance chasing the fueling up the telephone the foremost thing is that. well the good news if i decide it is illegal to do this i will leave it to the. was at an advanced grade general hospital we find the man has suffered multiple burns and miss our wounds but doctors say he will leave the ambulance received another call this time no siring the doctor states because they could be targeted we are on our way to the area of fighting it took us less than seven minutes to arrive at the scene but it was still too late this young fighter died seconds after doctors arrived we rushed to the next address another shell another destroyed home we hear that there woman was killed here but before we learn
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any further detail the air raid siren makes us this is where we hear what happened pollution or. horrible want to come back home caught on the sofa and while the conflict continues to rage scenes like these are becoming an everyday reality. r.t. in eastern ukraine on sunday a russian man was killed by show it was fired from or he reportedly bled to death in front of his family will two other women were seriously injured two is visibly distraught daughter of course described what she saw. when you belittle keep. it it's still a name of an issue that let's leave this here burden of limbs ability short us workers will also need to be used to do the good she looked up to each. being used to doing the put out this but the spirit. for its part says not to blame that it
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was self-defense fighters who fired the shelves there have been reports that russia might answer with targeted strikes if the shelling continues the kremlin those dismissed those as untrue go door to door com for the full details on this story that continues to develop. another story continue to develop no rest for the people of gaza in israel's now weeklong anti-terrorist operation thousands of fled with the number of palestinians killed reaching a hundred seventy five most of them have been civilians the u.n. says thirty two of them have been children and it's calling the situation in the region devastating and unpredictable harry fears in gaza for us talking to some of the victims' relatives on the night after more than one hundred rockets were fired from gaza israel's air force targeted a home belonging to the al batch family the target was tice batch the director general of gaza's police force who himself survived and remains in critical
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condition he was lucky to be among the forty two wounded and not the eighteen killed at gaza's main hospital was seventy year old name or one of the surviving injured. russia lost three of her children in the targeting and. this is. what caused. the strikes took place at eleven pm mohammed lives just over the road from the batch family. they were saying evening prayers at the mosque while they were crying they realized that the area was becoming more dangerous and left to continue their present home so when they got home the bombing started and israel has used a policy of issuing warnings in some cases before making its targeting warnings
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either via s.m.s. fire calls in some cases leaflets but often roof knocking that is issuing warning drone strikes on the roof of the building before targeting it however in this case there was no warning of any kind and residents are adamant that israel must have known that over fifty people were in this area when it struck the way that was perpetrated. basic principles of international law are traditional is very clear on this there should be principles to be preserved probability discrimination and humanity and nothing of these prisoners have been respected by the israeli army i asked a government spokesperson whether the targeting was justified given that israel's at war with hamas and is known to target the police everybody knows that the police is a seven work and it's helping the people whose service for the people who wasn't actually
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such incidents when family homes have been hit with inhabitants inside. israel's november two thousand and twelve operation did not see an israeli ground invasion it ended after eight days with a cease fire but it did not fully eradicate the masses rocket capability now israel says that it is a must for israel to stop all rocket fire from gaza and that they don't know how long the campaign will continue given their daily loss felt by palestinian civilians here people fear how this conflict will evolve how is fear r.t. garson will organization very much in the thick of it as well org for international let's talk to a mcdonald from oxfam international news that live with us in jerusalem and thanks for your time we appreciate it you are one of many organizations calling for a ceasefire as yet there is no ceasefire what is it like for for people in that region at the moment what's it like in gaza. well
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the conflicts been going on for a week now and each day seems to get worse when i talk to my colleagues and people . everybody is terrified of what's going to happen we're seeing enormous civilian casualties eighty percent of the people killed in civilian homes also seeing a lot of damage to infrastructure water systems sewage plants health centers one of our partners who runs a health center in gaza had it badly damaged by an asteroid. we work with quite a few hospitals that are really struggling to cope with all the casualties and also the shortages of fuel and medicine and the situation and the charlotte area in crisis on the ground is really getting worse and is is becoming quite desperate and of course because. there's no hour for people to go there are no bomb shelters or very little shelter from anything that rains down on them from the other side and
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of course there's no high end mother to protect it coming through either is there as is on the other side what's it like fuel people trying to help people in gaza you're in the firing line yourself of course it's very dangerous i mean we're trying. and other aid agencies are trying to deliver the aid to people in need but. when bombs keep falling and when the conflict is still going on it's very very difficult to do so. some of the projects had to stop. for the past few days while the. for example we we work with mobile clinics which provide health care to some of the mole the poorest and remote communities in gaza and they've had to stop their work because a lot of these neighborhoods are just too dangerous to be driving around and several ambulances for example have been hit.
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this is about making the business survive. corporations don't love your parishioners told kate corporations have no feeling. corporations don't care about you or me corporations only care about profit. people come to untouched forests and leave massive bleeds for the sea come on. we're not going to quit we will not stop until it is done what is more precious
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music more more. if you're in britain you better watch what you post on the internet apparently as it's all about to go into the intelligence archives it's done to a new emergency law being pushed through by the government to allow security agencies to store uses data for you to report. the u.k. prime minister says britain needs these emergency laws that force telecommunications companies to hold rec ords of customers data because back in april the european court of justice scrapped an existing law that already forced companies to do just that on the grounds that it infringed human rights so the british government wants to rush through its own law david cameron says that telecoms problems are just weeks away from deleting customer information ministers
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say that would have serious consequences for police.


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